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Formulated To Quickly Dissolve And Lift Away Dirt, Residue, Grime, Adhesive, And Other Contaminants From Internal Electronic Surfaces With A Fast-Drying Finish. These Pens Remove Burnt On Debris From Thermal Printed Heads Of Direct Transfer And Ribbon Transfer Printheads.
Excellent Printer Cleaner - These Pens Are Extremely Effective For Cleaning Label Printers For Shipping Packages. These Pens Extend The Life Of Print Heads And Maintains A Crisp And Legible Images.
Chisel Cap Made With Using Premium Plastic Molds, The Chisel Cap Will Safely And Reliably Provides A Safe And Reliable Way To Remove Tough Adhesive Build-Up. Use These Pens As An Emergency Maintenance Product To Correct Poor Prints. To And Prevent Debris Buildup.
Precision Cleaning - The Unique Pen Tip Design Releases A Controlled Amount Of Solution To Prevent Potential Damage Caused By Free-Flowing Liquid. Use These Pens Every Time A New Roll Of Paper Or Ribbon Is Installed.Description:
Product Description Effective:Cleaning Pens Using A Diagonal Cut Stiff Rugged Nib, These Are The Ideal Cleaners For Any Thermal Printing Device. Extend The Life Of Your Print Head And Improve The Clarity Of The Image By Cleaning The Head On A Regular Basis. Easy:Simply Remove The Cap; Swipe The Pen Tip Across The Exposed Print Head Safe:Cleaning Pens Using The Latest Environmentally Friendly Materials, The Printer Is 100% Safe, Non-Toxic, And Safe To Use.

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