Author Topic: Sanei N77 - Firmware  (Read 19563 times)

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Sanei N77 - Firmware
« on: June 30, 2012, 12:38:06 PM »
The N77 Firmware has been uploaded to the VeeDee site for download -

Download LiveSuite from :-

Instructions to Flash the OS :

Prepare the files
 1. Extract the firmware so you can see the image named "_ctpft5206_v4.0.11_SANEI_ddr408_gc0308_1G_3.0.8+_0509"
 2. Install LiveSuitPack 1.09
 2. After running the exe go to the folder and run the application (LiveSuit.exe approx. 2mb)
 3. Browse to the folder where the image _ctpft5206_v4.0.11_SANEI_ddr408_gc0308_1G_3.0.8+_0509
4. The tablet should be off
Prepare the Sanei N77
 5. Whilst keep volume- button pressed, plug it in via USB
 6. Keep pressing the volume- button and also press the power button time for 10 times
 7. After several presses on the power button there will be a "sound" it connects as Windows recognises new USB hardware
 8. Windows 7 will install drivers automatically, in Windows XP you need to point windows to the directory where you extracted software
 9. When all the drivers are installed, the firmware will start to install automatically
Finishing the Installation
 10. There will be no sign of loading on the Sanei N77 - don't worry
 11. On the PC, LiveSuit shows a bar graph - it takes about 2 mins to go onto the Veedee D10
 12. After the yellow bar on Livesuite is completed action (about 2 mins) nothing happens.
 13. You will see an exclamation mark (using Windows 7) with no text. Click OK.
 14. Then wait a few seconds. Unplug the Sanei N77 from the USB. You will see a green battery symbol. Ignore it. Restart the tablet manually (as normal using the on/off button).
 15. Do a hard reset using the button hole on the tablet.
 16. Your ICS Tablet is ready to use.

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Re: Sanei N77 - Firmware
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2012, 05:13:12 PM »
My Dear Devesh Ji,

I am not only thankful but I am pleasantly surprised on your prompt and detailed response.

Your language is crisp and clear and explanatory.
I will do as advised by you and will let you know my observations.
The only thing that I do not understand is the clause No. 15 as copy pasted below:

15. Do a hard reset using the button hole on the tablet.

I do not make out what is button hole.
I am really thankful and impressed with your cooperation and expect an early reply.


M Saleem Azad